The Importance of Print

Many people tend to think of print as a dying medium, and who can blame them considering the massive advancements in technology over the years? Some companies are even taking it a step further into entirely paperless production. Signs like this show that the world has developed, seizing opportunity in the extreme convenience of digital storage and online marketing. Saving businesses time and money for physical storage management and organisation, which can now be easily solved with the click of a button.

Seems like the right way to go, right? We disagree. Print is an unmatchable experience, a physical product that’s been a crucial part of every business right from the start and why stop that now!

What we’re trying to say is that you never have to stick with the crowd, print provides so many unique options for your business to take advantage of

  1. Stand out from the competition

Whilst we are living in an increasingly digital world, print media is still an incredibly important part of the marketing mix. Investing in print media can help businesses to extend their reach to potential customers, gain exposure and engage their target audiences with campaigns and really receive some outstanding feedback.

  1. It can be targeted

Printed media can be tailored to your target market, both in terms of the style of design as well as in how you distribute the material. This means you can focus your marketing budget on reaching the audience you want and make the material relevant and appealing to them.

  1. It can create credibility

Another reason why print media is important is because it creates credibility. Investing in printed material signals to customers that you are serious about your business and that you offer a worthwhile product or service.

  1. It can create engagement

Printed materials can also create engagement between the customer and the brand. By providing interesting articles to read, special offers or amusing copy there is the opportunity to provide a connection between the reader and the product that can lead to brand awareness and sales.

  1. It can be kept

Unlike webpages, print media has a longer lifespan. Rather than spending a few seconds on a site and then moving on, brochures and leaflets can be picked up and put down and referred back to. They can also be passed onto friends or colleagues, maximising the reach of your campaign.

  1. It can link to digital campaigns

Finally, print media offers the chance to link paper with online content. Examples here include the use of a QR code or referral to a website for more information or to make an online order.

The traditional simplicity of being handed a business card, receiving a personally delivered mailer, or being delivered your monthly magazine subscription, all trigger that sensory feeling which, as covered above, makes a relaxing change from our daily digital life. Personally, I’m far more likely to pick up and scan through a posted leaflet in my own time than open a randomly received email during busy work hours, wouldn’t you agree?


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